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Asagi no en'you...

...Asagi's ocean

Asagi-sama Fans
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A collection of fans for Asagi, vocalist of the band D.
Welcome to the first community for Asagi-sama, vocalist of the j-rock bands Balsamic, JE*REVIENS, Syndrome, Kochou, and currently, D.

This community is dedicated to every band that this amazing and beautiful vocalist has been in, not just his current band, D. He definitely deserves it. Right? Of course! ^_^ Truthfully, we don't know that much about his first band so we tend to focus more on the more recent things, but snippets of the past are always fun! I hope that we can discuss all things, new and old, and learn more about everything. ^_~ The rules to join are simple:

1. Please keep things nice and respect other people and their opinions.
2. If you're going to post a picture, please use an lj-cut; icons can be posted freely as long as there aren't too many.
3. Please stay on topic and don't stray into things that have nothing to do with this community: that is what your own LJ is for. ^.~ (But who wouldn't want to talk about Asagi...)
(4) NOTE that a lot of entries are Friend's Only, so be sure to actually join to get the most out of the community. ^^

The membership is now open to whomever wants to join. Have fun, and post as much as you like. ^_^v

~ creator/moderator arisingsymphony
~ co-moderator vamp_pandorina