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15 June 2013 @ 12:17 am
In the Name of Justice - Chapters I - VI  
Hi! I'm posting some of my D stories on here. ^^ There are three as of yet, each based around a different song / story. I was contemplating putting them in one post, but decided that they'll be easier to edit as individual entries. Updates will be added as I publish them and comments would be <3

In the Name of Justice

In the Name of Justice
Based on: D's Vampire Story
Genres: Fantasy, supernatural, action, adventure, romance, historical
Rating: 16+ due to violence, language and adult themes
Chapters: 6/ 30 (roughly)
Status: In progress
Summary: The time of kings has passed, a new era arisen from the ashes. Vampires, who once ruled the land, are now hunted by the governing powers. There is one, however, who believes that by recovering the sword of the former king, he will be able to restore the monarchy and bring the land to its former glory. Thus begins the journey of Justice.

Prologue | Chapter I | Chapter II | Chapter III | Chapter IV | Chapter V | Chapter VI
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